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Heart Rate Training

At FII, we believe heart rate training is beneficial to everyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. Knowing your heart rate enables you to know whether work too hard or not hard enough. We have put together several heart rate training workouts to improve your fitness level, but before getting into those it's important to understand some numbers. Specifically, your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate.

To find your resting your resting heart rate, take your pulse immediately after waking up, BEFORE you get out of bed. You will use your resting heart rate to compute your maximum heart rate and recovery heart rate using the formulas below.

65% Recovery Heart Rate Example

						220 - 25 (age) = 195
						195 - 65 (Resting Heart Rate) = 130
						130 X 0.60 (Mininum Intensity) + 65 (Resting Heart Rate) = 143 Beats / Minute (bpm)

90% Maximum Heart Rate Example

						220 - 25 (age) = 195
						195 - 65 (Resting Heart Rate) = 130
						130 X 0.90 (Maximum Intensity) + 65 (Resting Heart Rate) = 182 Beats / Minute (bpm)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE. You can work to above or below this percentage based upon how you feel.