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Group Training Membership

6 month agreement: $157 per month, or monthly access for $177 per month.

Group Training Ropes Picture Our group training classes meet 6 days a week and include strength, heart training, active recovery, and metabolic work. Each class is personally designed by Danielle to build fitness in a variety of areas.

The strength classes are based on a 12 to 16 week program to build your strength, endurance, and power. All strength classes conclude with a cardiovascular conditioning circuit (e.g. wind sprints, heavy ropes, sled pushes/pulls, or bike sprints).

Heart training classes are designed to help you get in touch with the amount of work you are doing. We have partnered with MyZone to help you track your heart rate workouts. Click here for more information about heart training.

At Fit It In we believe that active recovery is as important to reaching your fitness goals as strength and endurance work. Fitness improvements are realized when an active recovery element is included in your routine. During these classes we spend time foam rolling, stretching and performing light exercise.

Metabolic classes are comprised of performing a variety of exercises that build endurance and improve conditioning. These classes are terrific calorie burners!

Click here to see the group training schedule.

The membership includes unlimited access to group training classes.

Click here to see our membership policies. Note we offer 10% family discounts on full price memberships and $20 cash back for each referral that buys a non-discounted membership.

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