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Online Workout Menu

Welcome to FII's online workout menu! Select a workout option from the list below.

Travel Workouts

Keep up with your workout schedule when you find yourself on the road. Some need equipment which may be available in your hotel's gym, or you may rent equipment from us. See Danielle for details.

20 Minute Workouts

Don't have much time? Try one of these 20 minute workouts. Guaranteed to get your heart rate and endorphins up!

Body Weighted Workouts

No equipment available? No problem! These workouts are body weighted only.

Density Workouts

Density workouts improve your endurance. Try one of the options below and see how many circuits you can complete in the alloted time slot.

Heart Rate Workouts

Heart rate workouts are aimed at helping you raise your maximum sustainable heart rate. You will work to 90% of maximum heart rate, recover to about 60-70%, and then repeat.

Jungle Gym Workouts

Grab a pair of jungle gym straps from the gym before your next trip, set them up in your hotel room and and enjoy a creative workout in the privacy of room.

Metabolic Workouts

If you're traveling and strayed from your typical nutritional pattern, try one of these workouts to burn some calories.

Miscellaneous Workouts

A different collection of exercises than the ones above.

Regeneration Workouts

If rest is what your body needs, try this regeneration workout. It will give you an opportunity to stretch those aching muscles and do some active recovery.

Strength Workouts

If you can't get to the gym to your strength workout, try one of these.