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Travel List #2

Create your own adventure!

Do the warmup first, and then see the directions below.

This requires a resistance band or kettle bell, slide boards, and a medicine ball.

Warm Up

Foam Roll

Use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to prepare your muscles for this workout. Do this for 8 minutes.

Warm Up!

  1. Shoulder circles
  2. 10 Sumo Sit to Stand No Arms
  3. 8 Split Squats
  4. Wall Chest Stretch, 30 seconds, both sides
  5. 6 each, Ys, Ts, Is
  6. Jog Forward, then Back Pedal
  7. Skipping Forward, then Backward
  8. Lateral Skipping
  9. Carioca
  10. 10 seconds each, 10 times: fast feet, then deep squat with floor touch.


Pick 2 from every list and do 10 repetitions for 10 rounds.

List 1:
  1. Squat to Press
  2. 1 Minute Wall Sit
  3. Kettlebell or Band Swing
  4. Yoga Pushups
  5. Half Get Up
List 1:
  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Body Saw
  3. Burpees
  4. Skater Jumps
  5. Hamstring Curl
List 3
  1. Floor Row/Plank Row
  2. Lunge
  3. Skips
  4. Ceiling Reach
  5. Medicine Ball Slam

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