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20 Minute Workout #2

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This workout requires:

There are substitutes for the equipment for at home workouts.

Warm Up

Foam Roll

Use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to prepare your muscles for this workout. Do this for 8 minutes.

Static and Dynamic Warmup

  1. 20 Knee pulls
  2. 8 Split squats (each leg)
  3. 20 calf jumps with shoulder circles (both directions)
  4. 10 Scapular Pushups
  5. 40 Mountain climbers
  6. 20 Lateral split squats (each leg)
  7. 10 Sumo sits with arms
  8. 40 Jumping jacks
  9. 8 Single leg deadlifts (each leg)

The Workout

Finish this workout in 20 minutes or better! You may complete the list in any order.

  1. 100 Jumping jacks
  2. 40 Burpees
  3. 50 Pushups
  4. 30 Chin ups
  5. 60 Medicine ball slams
  6. 3 minutes of planks (front and sides)
  7. 50 Kettle bell swings

Still want more?

Finishers: 10 Rounds:

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