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Metabolic Workout

This is a body-weighted workout, meaning no extra equipment is required. Challenge yourself with a weight vest if you have one!

Warm Up

Foam Roll

Use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to prepare your muscles for this workout. Do this for 8 minutes.

Static and Dynamic Warmup

  1. 20 Leg Swings
  2. 8 Knee Drives (left, right, center)
  3. 10 Squats facing the wall 5 inches away, arms up
  4. 5 Knee pull to forward lunge (each leg)
  5. 5 Lateral lunges with cross behind (both legs)
  6. 5 Lunge to hamstring stretch (both legs)
  7. 8 Scapular pushup to regular pushup
  8. 10 Inch Worms or Frankensteins
  9. 40 Jumping Jacks
  10. 40 Skips
  11. 40 Butt Kicks

The Workout

Core Workout

Core: 9 Minutes!

  1. 30 Second Front Plank
  2. 30 Second Left Side Plank
  3. 30 Second Right Side Plank

Metabolic Workout

Follow these directions for the exercises listed below:

  1. Set a timer for :30, :30 (30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest). Take a 1 minute break between sets. (You can download a workout timer on your phone or just watch the time.) No break between rounds for advanced individuals.
  2. Complete 3 rounds of this circuit.

The Circuit:

  1. T-Pushups
  2. Speed Squats
  3. Plank Rows
  4. Burpees, 10 reps
  5. Sprinter Abs

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