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Fitness Test

This workout requires:

  • Timer/Stopwatch
  • Tape measure
  • Scale
  • Camera/phone
  • Dowel/broom handle
  • Optional: heart rate monitor

Fitness Test Directions

Complete each test below and record your results in a log.

  1. Weight Test: Step on the scale and write your weight down.
  2. Inch Measurements:For each body part wrap the tape measure around and track your measurements:
    1. Bicep
    2. Chest (nipple line)
    3. Waist: (just above your hip bones)
    4. Belly button
    5. Hip & Butt (around mid-butt/hips)
    6. Thigh
  3. Picture:Take a before picture of yourself and keep it!
  4. Lying hamstring flexibility
    Lay on your back with a dowel at mid-thigh, by your side, sticking straight up in the air. While keeping your left leg straight and on the floor lift your right leg as close to the dowel as you can- do not let the right leg bend! Repeat on the left side.
    If your toe did not reach the dowel = 0
    If your toe reached the dowel = 1
    If your toe went beyond the dowel = 2
    If your heel went beyond the dowel = 3
  5. 1 minute push-up test:
    If you can perform your pushups on the floor with proper technique do so. If not, get yourself a bench, chair, stair etc., to prop your arms on and do them on an incline.
  6. 1 minute squat test:
    Keep your heels on the floor, hands behind your ears and squat as many times to 90 ° as possible in 1 minute.
  7. Cardiovascular test:
    1. Timed 1 mile run/walk
    2. How many sprint/walk intervals can you do at :20 sec. work/:20 sec. rest before needing a longer break?
    3. Heart Rate:How long can you run before you hit 90% of your maximum heart rate? How long does it take you to get to 65% of your maximum heart rate?
  8. Balance Test
    Set a timer for 30 seconds. Close your eyes and left one knee to your hip. How many times did you have to put that foot on the floor to catch your balance? Repeat opposite side.

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