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Heart Rate Workout #1 (Body Weighted)

This is a body-weighted workout, meaning no extra equipment is required. Challenge yourself with a weight vest if you have one!

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Warm Up

Foam Roll

Use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to prepare your muscles for this workout. Do this for 8 minutes.

Static and Dynamic Warmup

  1. Pelvic Tilts, 5 for 10 seconds each
  2. 10 Single Leg Glute Bridge (each leg)
  3. 10 Leg Swings (each leg)
  4. 10 Sumo Sits (no arms)
  5. Do each for 20 seconds:

The Workout

  1. Complete the core circuit moving from one exercise to the next for 10 minutes!
  2. Do the metabolic circuit for 10 minues picking any of the exercises from the bank. Once you reach 90% or more of your maximum heart rate, recover with 20 pushups and until you reach 65-70% of your maximum heart rate. Repeat until the 10 minutes has expired.

Core Circuit - 10 Minutes:

  1. 10 Plank Rows (each arm)
  2. 20 V Ups
  3. 10 Single Leg Dead Lifts (each leg)
  4. 20 Reverse Crunches
  5. 10 Leg Drops (each leg)

Metabolic Circuit - 10 Minutes

Work to 90% of your maximum heart rate, then do 20 pushups and until you reach 65-70% of your maximum heart rate.

  1. Burpees
  2. Squat Progression
  3. Explosive Jumping Jacks
  4. Fast Feet

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