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Jungle Gym Workout #2

This workout requires a Jungle Gym. Challenge yourself with a weight vest if you have one!

Warm Up

Foam Roll

Use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to prepare your muscles for this workout. Do this for 8 minutes.

Static and Dynamic Warmup

  1. 20 Leg Swings
  2. 8 Knee Drives (left, right, center)
  3. 10 Squats facing the wall 5 inches away, arms up
  4. 5 Knee pull to forward lunge (each leg)
  5. 5 Lateral lunges with cross behind (both legs)
  6. 5 Lunge to hamstring stretch (both legs)
  7. 8 Scapular pushup to regular pushup
  8. 40 Jumping Jacks
  9. 40 Skips
  10. 40 Butt Kicks

The Workout

Follow these directions to complete this 20 minute workout:

  1. Set a timer for 20 minutes.
  2. Count your repititions and move from one exercise to the next until the 20 minutes has elapsed.
  3. Only take breaks when absolutely needed. Work at a moderate intensity (heart rate of 120-160 beats per minute) and sustain this effort for the entire 20 minutes.
  4. For an added challenge, do this workout for 30 minutes.

The Exercises

  1. Jungle Gym Horizontal Pullups, 10 reps (progression: move feet closer to wall).
  2. Jungle Gym Pushups, 10 reps (progression: put your feet in the handles)
  3. Jungle Gym Side Lunges, 10 reps each leg (progression: add a jump to the side)
  4. Jungle Gym Reverse Lunges, 10 reps each leg (progression: alternating)

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