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Client Testimonials

Tanya Ackerman

This is me a few months before starting at FII. About 210. I recently weighed in at 193. I have not lost the 50 pounds I initially wanted to in a year. Thank God! Instead, I have learned to eat healthier, have more endurance, and I’m a heck of a lot stronger! I have done this the right way: no diets, no gimmicks. Just eating healthy food and exercising with some amazing people that have pushed me to work harder than I ever thought I could. I may look different, but more importantly I am truly a different person than I was over a year ago. I trust the process. I will continue to learn and eat healthier meals, lift heavier, work on a positive mindset, and be grateful. I am a strong woman who will someday find balance in my life, but in the meantime I will continue to make goals and reach them. I’m in it for life.

Thank you Danielle, the coaches and all of you at FII for helping me along this amazing road to recovery. I’m getting there and those who are doubting, I know you will too.

Nitin Karkhanis

I started working with Danielle in 2010 when I finally realized that I was not leading a healthy lifestyle and making very few fitness gains. Although I was active (cycling and playing racquetball), my poor nutrition habits were sabotaging my efforts. Additionaly, a focus on unstructured cardiovascular activities with no strength training were doing little to improve my athletic ability. All this work with little gain was frustrating and there had to be a better way.

Knowing a change was necessary, I met with Danielle. We spoke at length about the benefits of proper nutrition, not only from the perspective of healthy living, but also its affect on athletic performance. We also talked about the kind of work I was doing and why that alone would not help me make fitness gains. I accepted her recommendations and it was not long before I was sold. The weight came off, I had more energy, and most importantly, an improved bill of health from the doctor.

She also helped me get stronger through structured weight and interval training. This resulted in strength gains that would never have been possible had I continued in my original pattern. Despite my age, and perhaps cliche, but I AM stronger and faster than I have ever been. My body fat has been reduced to 10% and I've stayed in this range for more than four years. Why? Because her program resulted in a positive lifestyle change.

If you're ready for an improvement in your lifestyle, I highly recommend that you contact Danielle. Let her guidance and programs enable you to build a better YOU!